A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Greetings Master!

Update (Aug. 2st, 2014): Try Dungeon Colony free. Demo Available below.

This is Dungeon Colony, a 2D fantasy RTS in which you control a Dungeon Lord and his loyal minions. The game is currently open for Early-Access ! Your support will fund the artists and start-up costs. With early access, you get to play the game as it is being developed. You will need Java to play this game.

Dungeon Colony works on the major platforms:

I work on Dungeon Colony every day. The goals I have for the game are quite big and the current version includes already the following features:


  • 2D top-down real time strategy game with resource management and tower defense style enemy waves. 
  • Mine and collect resources from your dungeon or the outside world.
  • Craft new objects from resources collected.
  • Fight off greedy heroes who will try to steal from you and destroy you. 
  • Protect yourself by placing traps.
  • Minions carry out your commands in the order they were received. 
  • Upgrade your minions as they gain experience. 
  • Build rooms, place flooring tiles and furniture. 
  • Feed your minions, give them a place to sleep and pay them a wage to keep them working for you. 
  • Research new crafting recipes. 
  • Summon new creatures into existence.
  • Dynamic world simulation. Plants, animals, etc.

Game Modes:

  • Sandbox Mode: Endless waves of enemies.
  • Campaign Mode: [Under Construction] It will have a series of levels with different quests following a story line.
  • Tutorials: Simple levels introducing the main game concepts.

Game Engine:

  • Custom Engine Written in Java. (using LWJGL.org)
  • Game Launcher that auto updates to the newest version.
  • Store your game progress online.
  • Level Editor (TBA) You will be able to create your own levels with custom quests and more.
  • Random Map Generator (Sandbox mode)

Minimum System Requirements:

  • You need Java installed on your computer.
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • OpenGL Compatible Graphics Card
  • A Minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels.
  • Keyboard
  • A Mouse with 3 buttons and scroll wheel is recommended.

What you get:

  • The file you download is a game launcher which automatically keeps the game up to date for you.
  • When you buy the game, you get an account which is connected to your email address. The account allows you to login to the game and store your progress online.
  • If Dungeon Colony gets greenlit, you will also get the Steam key.

Please Vote & Follow: 

Press OR YouTube ? Yes! please contact me if you would like a free Press or YouTube account (or for any other genius reason). And Yes! you can monetize videos that use Dungeon Colony content. 

Before Purchasing an Account, please agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Current Offer: 

Pay What You Want (Suggested $9.99).

Install instructions

You need to have Java installed on your computer. The .jar file is an executable file that will run the Java Game Launcher, which will download all the game files. 

When the game is launched, you will be asked to login. On the login screen, locate the itch.io button to activate your account first:

To activate your account, use the same email that you used when you purchased your account on itch.io. An email will be sent to you with your game login information. (Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't find the email)

That's it. 

Thank you for your support!!!



Dungeon Colony.jar 133 kB
Dungeon Colony Demo.jar 133 kB